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Acceptance Counseling Services (ACS), established in May 2010, is committed to providing heart-centered professional mental health services for adolescents, adults, and their families.

At ACS, we partner with you to treat acute as well as chronic mental health issues; such as but not limited to, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, and PTSD.

ACS provides counseling interventions for intrapersonal and interpersonal relational problems. ACS also provides support and coping strategies for adjustment issues related to significant changes in your life such as: college, divorce, death, job changes/relocation, or health changes.

ACS is client centered working along side you to heal past "little t" and "big T" trauma with compassionate acceptance honoring your experience, desires and needs as an individual. Anna Windham is a LCSW with almost 20 years experience in mental health and certifications in EMDR, LENS Neurofeedback, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Collin Hill is a LMSW/RYT and has certifications in LENS Neurofeedback, Yoga Nidra, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and trained in EMDR all of which can be applicable in an integrated approach to enhance the healing experience for many people seeking counseling. 

ACS will also work with your primary care doctor or psychiatrist to ensure comprehensive care for you and your family.

Office Number: (662)-533-0220



Address: 2692 West Oxford Loop, Oxford, MS 38655

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